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Select which game you want.


Select the cheat.


Download it.


What are you waiting for?


Who is PlutoDevs?

The PlutoDevs are known for coding game cheats. We have trustworthy downloads and fast support.

Why so many ad links?

The reason you have to run through ad links before downloading files from our websites is because we do not make money from youtube so the only way to monetize our content and make money is to run through those and we dont make that much off of ad links. Anything that the ad links ask you to download are not guaranteed trustworthy and we have nothing to do with what ads pop up.

Are the downloads safe?

The links and downloads on are safe and will not harm your computer. We have no control of what ads pop up on the ad links so if you choose to download something from an ad pop-up 1. you're dumb and 2. its your fault.

How often do we update?

We update as much as we can. The owner of PlutoExploits is very busy usually and will update as soon as he can.

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